Thursday, February 26, 2009

Heads up.....

Just a heads up.......Next week is MS Awareness Week!! So get ready to participate!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Worst Blogger Ever......

So, it's been FOREVER since I've posted on my blog. I feel TERRIBLE about that. I picked up and moved to East Texas and you haven't heard from me since!!! I have no excuse other than I've been lazy when it comes to blogging and e-mailing.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Dickinson, Christmas in Allen, and New Year's in Austin. Time has flown by that's for sure! I've already been living in ET for almost 3 months. For those of you who don't know by now, we are living in DEEP East Texas.....Longview to be exact. Longview is 2 hours east of Dallas and an hour and a half from Shreveport, LA. Going back to my cajun roots:)

ET has been a lot better than I had anticipated....or should I say dreaded. It's really beautiful here with the TALL pine trees and rolling hills. And it's been so nice to have a COLD gets really cold up here! It is so dry here though, I NEVER thought I'd say I miss the humidity! We love our new apartment, it's super nice and so cozy. We have a great view of the pine trees. Our guest room is finally finished and is officially open for visitors! :) We'd love to show you around Longview and maybe party in Shreveport! We've met some really nice friends here and are so thankful for them.

Doug is loving his job! He's finally settled in to his new title.....Attorney at Law. He has a really nice, HUGE office. He's been meeting with and signing new clients, filing petitions, and is in charge of 12 or so cases.....all on his own! And he succeeded at his very first hearing!! He's kicking you know what and taking names:) I'm so proud of him!

As for luck on the job search. I have been working a temp job for the past couple of weeks in the HR department at the hospital in Marshall, which is about 30 minutes east of Longview. I am so thankful for the work! I really like the girls I'm working with and would love to stay there permanently, but they don't have any openings right now. I'm just helping them catch up on stuff while I look for a job. Please keep me in your prayers.

As far as my health.....I've been feeling GREAT! I would even say the best I've felt since my diagnosis! I'm pretty sure the cold weather is helping, as well as NO STRESS!!!! Hopefully Doug and I will be adding to our family in the near future, so I've got to keep up the good health! I'm headed to Houston Friday to see my retina specialist for my 3 month check up. My eyes are STILL giving me problems and I'm STILL on eye drops, but the plus side is they haven't gotten any worse.

I think this is enough of an update for now. I promise I will be better about blogging. I will update you all very soon. I miss my family and friends so very much, but ET isn't forever.....I will be back! Lots of love......

Here's the quote for today. A friend of mine sent me an e-mail that said this:

"When God leads you to the edge of the cliff, trust Him fully and let go, only 1 of 2 things will happen, either He'll catch you when you fall, or He'll teach you how to fly!"

I want you guys to really think about this. I feel like this really relates to how I was feeling several months ago when Doug got this job offer and we went round and round about whether Longview was the right decision. Now I feel like God definitely is teaching me how to fly:)