Thursday, June 25, 2009

This is going to be really long........

Wow, it's been super long since I last posted. I'm the worst blogger EVER!! Well, to update all of you.....I've been feeling well for the most part. I have some twinges and tingles here and there, but I've been able to pinpoint exactly what causes them....Not getting enough rest or getting too hot. So, the solution is pretty easy....get rest and NEVER go outside! Not really, I go outside, but I've got to be really careful and make sure I go inside to cool off often or stay in the pool or lake.

I know a lot of you have been asking about the MS Walk in Kemah. I asked you all to join my team several months ago during MS awareness week. I'll be getting back to all of you with details as it gets a little closer. It's not until November, so maybe like late August I'll start bugging you!!

I've been staying really busy with work. I'm working as an exercise physiologist in cardiac rehab at an amazing facility here in Longview. I'm loving it!! It's the most rewarding job I've had yet! I get to work with patients right after they've had a heart event, like a heart attack, open heart surgery, stents placed, etc. To see these patients come in discouraged, depressed, scared, and sometimes clueless as to what a heart healthy diet is or even exercise.....and by the end of their 12 weeks with us, they're totally changed! It's really amazing to watch:)

I did have a very difficult situation though at work, one that I hadn't had to encounter yet. I was doing my in-patient training in the hospital, which was about a month after I started the job. This consists of getting patients out of bed who just had open heart surgery to get them up and walking. Well, during my first week of training there were a lot of patients who needed A LOT of assistance. I don't know if you guys remember how my first bout of MS started, but it was caused by lifting a heavy book case. Then the next exacerbation was from lifting laundry detergent. So naturally, I get pretty nervous when I have to lift anything heavy.....especially a person!! I came home from work every day that week super anxious, nervous, and crying. I didn't want to have to tell my brand new supervisor that she hired a "dud." I was torn on whether to tell her or not. Doug and I decided my health was way more important than my job. So, I sat down with my supervisor and told her about my MS. I cried the entire time like a big baby!! I was surprised I cried because I'm not saddened by my MS. I guess it was just a situation I hadn't had to deal with yet and I was scared. I had no idea what my supervisor was going to think or say. I mean, my last employer knew me before I was diagnosed with MS. And he went through the whole thing with me and was SUPER supportive of me, along with all of my previous co-workers. I never really had to tell anyone at work the whole story because they all went through it with me. I was worried that my new supervisor and new co-workers would think of me as the new girl with MS or think that I'm not capable of fulfilling my job duties or think that I'm weak. Anyway, I sat down with my new supervisor and she was so supportive and understanding. She agreed that my health was #1! We found some ways to modify my in-patient duties and I'm pretty sure she doesn't think I'm a "dud." :) I also told my co-workers and they were all really nice about it. It's tough though because most people have heard about MS, but they really don't know what it is. But, maybe that's why I have it.....maybe I'm supposed to educate people and raise the awareness. Which in turn will hopefully lead us to a cure!!!

Anyway, on to other things....Longview is good. It's growing on me more and more each day. I still miss my family and friends like CRAZY, but we'll be near them again soon! Not soon enough:), but soon! We've made some great friends here. We've found the little restaurants and shops we like to go to, so it's kind of starting to feel like home. Apparently I've picked up a bit of an accent though! No one notices it here obviously, but everytime I go home to visit I get ragged on:)

We have a trip planned very soon that we cannot wait for!! We're going to Napa Valley in mid-July to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary!! Can ya'll believe it's been 5 years??!!

I think I've blabbed on enough now. I had so much to update you on though. I promise it won't be as long next time. I forgot how good it feels to blog!! Thanks to all of you who have asked about me and my blog. It's nice to know you guys are checking in on me:)

Stay cool in this Africa heat!!!