Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 2 of MS Awareness Week: VOLUNTEER

I hope everyone sent their e-mails to Congress yesterday!! Thank you to everyone who did! Today's task is..............VOLUNTEER

Check out this link to find ways to volunteer:

Last year I volunteered in LaGrange at the MS 150 it was such a rewarding experience! Check out my posting from April of last year to read about it and see pics. I would highly recommend volunteering at the MS 150 this year. There are a million ways to help! And you don't have to drive all the way to LaGrange, you can help in Houston when the bikers leave and/or return. As of yesterday, they still need 3,000 volunteers!!! Here's a link to sign up to volunteer at the MS 150, just click on "Sign Up as a Volunteer":

Unfortunately I won't be able to help at the MS 150 this year. Since I live so far from everything now except for Louisiana, Doug and I can't make the haul. We will be traveling the weekend before and after, so we have to stay in town that weekend. I'm super bummed because we had so much fun last year. I would highly recommend it!! Let me know if you have any questions on the volunteer process.

There are other ways to volunteer though if you're busy the weekend of the MS 150. Just click the first link I gave you and choose!!

Please send me comments or e-mails this week letting me know what you're doing to advocate, volunteer, and raise MS awareness. I've already received a few e-mails! Keem them coming!!!

Stand by for tomorrow's task.....

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