Monday, March 3, 2008

Is there a cell phone in my tailbone??

Today there is good news and bad news. We'll start with the bad news.....It all started last Monday, a week ago from today. I went grocery shopping and as I was putting my groceries into my car I had to strain to lift a bag that had both the laundry detergent and the dishwasher detergent, so it was a little heavy. Right after I set the bag into my trunk and stood up, I felt this vibrating sensation in my tailbone area. I seriously thought my cell phone was vibrating in my pocket, so I checked it and realized it wasn't my phone that was vibrating. It was my tailbone!!!! It felt like an intense buzzing vibration, luckily I had no other symptoms with it other than some lower back pain from straining to lift the bag. However, I was nervous to go to bed that night because I was afraid I'd wake up and not be able to feel my legs. The buzzing lasted consistently until Thursday. By Thursday, it was off and on buzzing and by the weekend it was just a few times a day. So far today I haven't had it yet, but it is still early in the day. I know I should probably call my MS doctor and let him know, but I may see how the rest of the day goes before I call. Pretty weird though!

So, for the good news now....I know in my last blog I was pretty down in the dumps, but I'm happy to say the optimistic more hopeful Nicole is back:).....for now. I'm going to research through the National MS Society's website for some sort of meeting or gathering that discusses the emotional side of dealing with MS. I remember when I was first diagnosed I received all of the pamphlets from the doctors and the drug companies explaining how they are there to help us physically and emotionally. I never really understood how much emotional support one with MS may need. I know what I go through with the ups and downs emotionally is totally normal for people with MS, but maybe I can get some insight on how to deal with it. I do appreciate all of you that sent me the awesome inspirational and encouraging quotes and for those of you who kept me in your thoughts and prayers, you guys helped pull me out of my pessimism. I am so thankful for all of you:)

I have a follow up appointment with my eye doctor today, so keep your fingers crossed that the inflammation in my retinas has decreased. I'm now prepared to stay on the drops indefinitely, but I'd like the peace of mind that the inflammation has improved since my last visit. I'll blog again this week to let you guys know how the appointment went.

PS-MS Awareness Week is next week, March 10-17! I'm trying to get something together to do my part to make more people aware, maybe you guys can think of something to do too to help out.....even if it's just giving someone my blog address and telling them to read it!

"I've learned that you shouldn't go through life with a catcher's mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw something back." -Maya Angelou


Anonymous said...

Hi, I was searching the internet for buzzing of the tailbone, when I came across your site and see you have MS. I have MS too! I have had it for many years, 22 to be exact, I'm 37 now. I have had lots of little attacks that don't amount to anything, mostly strange feelings that last a few minutes on and off throughout the day and then disappear for months, my tailbone has been giving me trouble for a couple of years normally around menstruation time. I've had one really bad attack where I lost the sight in my right eye (optic neuritis) three months after the birth of my second son, it recovered slightly but it's not great, my left eye is in good condition though! Phew! I read that you feel a little anxious at times about your MS, and I just wanted to give you some hope and support by saying, I have had MS since I was around 15. Diagnosed at age 31 with relapsing remitting form. I have two children aged 6 and 8. I eat really well, lots of veg and fruit and good oils (can't stress enough about good oils and how important they are to everyone) I eat mostly white meat and a little red meat about once a week. I have tried MS diets, cutting out wheat, dairy etc and can say that yes I do feel better when I do this, but I also have times where I eat what I want to. I'm doing very well, you would not know I had MS except for a slight turn in my right eye, but even then it's not overly noticeable. I just wanted to give you some hope as to what can be a very positive turn out for MS. Just look after yourself, cut out alcohol and cigarettes if you use either and eat well (Japanese diet is probably the best in my opinion), Keep stress down and you'll find your hormonal balance will improve hence your MS will improve or permanently remit. I hope this is useful because I know how your feeling and I can honestly tell you it doesn't have to be as bad as you imagine. Judy Graham is a great role model for MS and you can buy her books, look on amazon or ebay. Also read the Rodger McDougal story online, it is very refreshing and I read it now and again if I'm feeling a bit low.

maggie said...

Hello Ladies:
I am so thankful that you have taken the time to post info. about your MS. I don't have MS that I know of, but for the last three days, I've had that strange buzzing feeling in my tailbone and pubic area. When I googled this, I came upon your posts. Could you tell me if this buzzing feeling is a precursor to MS? I've never had this before. I'm 58 and otherwise is excellent condition, but I did have breast cancer in 1998. I have had any signs of it since then. I'm really concerned about this strange feeling.

Laurel Rogers said...

Count me as yet another person with a buzzing tailbone! Google brought me here....I don't have MS that I know of. Did you ever get resolution to the buzzing?

Anonymous said...

I too have a crazy buzzing in my tailbone very similar to a vibrating cell phone. Has anybody resolved their buzzing? Mine's been going on for a few weeks and I'd love some suggestions on the cause &/or how to fix it! Thanks!

Luclee13 said...

Same here! It's been happening for the past couple weeks. Sometimes it happens in my whole body, but seems to start in my tail bone. I have never been tested for MS. Do you think this could have a connection?

NailKarma said...

! im the same! buzzing bum! well tailbone.
anyone found anything else about this!
i was worried it was related the a cut i got by glass in my foot and walked home with bear feet... yes was very drunk. my once in every few moons night out.. and a wedding so dont remember the walk home.
thought i should i got a tetanus jab. as can course muscle spasms (involuntary contractions)

anything will be greatful to work this out.

Anonymous said...

A vibrating tailbone is a Kundalini activation indicator.